Welcome to Olympus!

For those of you who haven’t arrived here through the preexisting facebook page, welcome to the new home for the Church of the Divine Profit! I’m Jack, and I like talking about our immortal overlords up on Mt. Olympus.

Most religions are all up their own asses about how serious you should be taking them, but we’re acutely aware of how little credibility the gods have in the modern world. Our sources for divine wisdom are Hermes and Dionysus (a troll and a drunk, respectively), who have assured us that the other gods don’t really care what we do so long as we’re not acting like total shitheads, so we’re primarily focused on just having fun with things.

I’d like to be able to say that I’ll be posting regularly, but since my patron gods are totally unreliable, I can’t promise much in that regard. I’m in the process of reposting the stuff I’ve already completed just so that it’ll all be in one place, so hopefully that’ll enough to hold everyone over for a while.

I welcome any and all criticism, but please keep in mind that objective truth simply doesn’t exist — even the gods disagree on pretty much everything. A lively debate or two would be pretty kick-ass, but if you don’t have a sense of humor, get the fuck out of my house.



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