Welcome to my little labor of love.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m the most pious of men, and this page reflects the life-long seriousness with which I’ve always approached my worship of the true gods. Yes, more than one! The Olympians are sick of being ignored, and are ready to revive their respective cults in the modern age. As a major part of this, we recognize trips to the strip club as a charitable religious activity, as it involves the worship of Aphrodite (the dancer), Zeus (the dancing), and Eros (uh… *everything*). As a religious activity, we will eventually see these trips become tax-deductible!

We don’t have a set worship site because your Reverend is broke as hell, but the gods have agreed to let us worship however we like until we’ve gotten enough cash to construct some proper temples. It’s amazing how reasonable they are about that after almost two millennia of being ignored, but let’s not argue.

I’ve had a lot of fun writing this stuff, so hopefully you’ll have just as much fun reading it. I’m always open to suggestions, so feel free to give us your two cents!

-Reverend Jack, a.k.a. Satan

P.S. The whole “Satan” thing is an inside joke. And anyway, I’d never admit to actually being the devil.

Of course, the key word here is “admit”. Never know, I could be lying.

Have fun!


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